Heritage Inn & Suites Rehoboth Beach

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Experience the best of American tradition and modern hospitality at Heritage Inn & Suites Rehoboth Beach. The first “themed” property in the area, conveniently located between Lewes Beach in one direction and Rehoboth Beach in the other, Heritage Inn & Suites Rehoboth Beach boasts of a rich, elegant look at affordable prices.
At Heritage Inn & Suites Rehoboth Beach, we keep the heritage of America alive. You’ll feel that in the ambience at every nook of the hotel, with flags of the 50 States of America waving over your head with pride, each room named after a state, territory, national park, or other American tradition.
We provide the perfect escape for unforgettable memories that are exclusively yours, featuring all our modern service and amenities, with all the comforts of home.


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Heritage Inn & Suites Rehoboth Beach



Fabulous american decor themed room to choose from

Heritage Inn & Suites has 93 comfortable and beautifully themed rooms & suites on 4 acres of area with 136 parking spaces. The rooms and suites are named after a state, territory, national park or other American Tradition. They are interestingly themed around America’s Heritage with themes like Hawaii, Arizona, White House, Grand Canyon, Alaska, Seattle, Big Bend National Park, Hollywood, etc. filled with pictures and souvenirs revolving around the theme.


Experience traditional American heritage with modern beachside fun.


Dogs are family too and they make life a little bit more spontaneous and enjoyable !



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